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When all else fails...there's Pawsitivity.

A cup of tea can make you feel better, even if its only for a few moments. Like a hug in a mug

Its okay not to be okay. Self care and mental health need to be spoken about a lot more. You never know what's going on in someone's life so always be kind.

Surround yourself with Positivity & Light. Once you believe in yourself anything is possible!

Designer Accessories For Your Four Legged Besties

Bloomin! Beautiful

Say HELLO to spring and our Bloomin! Beautiful adjustable harness set!

Winter maybe here but who doesnt still love flowers all year. Our bespoke design consists of white daffodils, yellow butter cups and forget-me-nots!

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The Beenie Paw!

Say HELLO to gorgeous Hello Beenie Paw Collection in Black with blue & pink paws.

Our trademarked logo is now available on harnesses and we are in love. Suitable for both boys and girls. A perfect design for all dog lovers out there.

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Say HELLO to our NEW happiness adjustable Harness!

A perfect design to celebrate pawsitive vibes only! Our bespoke design consists of beautiful rainbows, delicate butterflies filled with love, dreamy clouds & sweet treats!

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Waterproof Collar & Leads

If your pup loves to splash about on a walk, dont get caught short this year with our fantastic waterproof range!

Currently available in both black and purple these gorgeous waterproof accessories will have you and your pup ready for the winter ahead.

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Royal Paws Of London

Saw HELLO to our Royal Paws Of London adjustable harness set with its London and Royal theme.

Maybe your pup is the King or Queen of their castle? If so this is the harness set for you!

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Once Upon A....Princess!

Once upon a time here at Hello Beenie we worked to design a harness fit for all the princess dogs in the world, in all the beautiful shades of pink.

All the dogs who wore the harness lived happily ever after looking pretty in pink.

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Oh My Polka Dots

Say HELLO to our stunning Oh My Polka Dots collection. A perfect design for those looking for an every day Harness, or if you're just dotty for Dots!

A stunning teal coloured harness with white spots. This harness will turn heads on your walks.

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Black Magic

Take a sip on our secret potion, we'll make you fall in love. For a spell that can't be broken one set should be enough....say HELLO to Black Magic!

Perfect for all spell lovers, magic fans and those who's time to go on some magical walks with our Black Magic collection

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Say HELLO to Wimbledog! Our bespoke designed tennis harness for all those dogs that are made about balls or those pawrents who love tennis.

We are sure your pup will look ACE in this design.

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Football's coming home this year, get ready to support with our 3 Lions Engrrland deisgn in our new "trail and go" style harness.

Perfect whether you are supporting England at the world cup, or just a football mad. Get your harness today and roar with pride.

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Banana Dreams

Say HELLO to gorgeous Banana Dreams Collection. A perfect design for the day dream believers & banana lovers!.....or maybe your dog is just bananas!

A gorgeous design that will make everyone saw "awwww", what dog doesn't dream of his or her next 'nana'.

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Exciting new Launches of Clothes & Accessories

Doggy Treat Bags!

Say Hello! To our beautiful range of doggy treat bags! Which one is
your favourite colour? Create your own little doggy bag with treats or
whatever else you chose.

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Walkies In A Winter Wonderland!

Who wants to go 'Walkies in a winter wonderland'? Our unique adorable Christmas jumpers and mug that even Santa wish he had!

Click to see these fabulous products and much more in our full Christmas range! Ho Ho Ho (More coming soon....)

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Hello Beenie Spa Range

Yes its here spoil your dog with the SPA range from Hello Beenie!

We've partnered with Bugalugs to bring you an amazing range of products to you including shampoo, pet sprays and balms.

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Hello Beenie 💝Wow💝 Section!

Toys, Toys, Toys!

Say HELLO to our range of toys, we've got a huge range by some fantastic suppliers which we're constantly adding too.

We've got the perfect toys for your next Insrergrrrrram post or why not get your dog its very own pug boot instead of chewing on your own.

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Ombre Rope Leads

Say HELLO to our beautiful range of ombre coloured rope leads for the fashionable dog. Bursting with colour which one is your favorite?

Our handmade leads are are made from handwoven cotton where the product is knitted and dyed by hand. They measure at a length of 5ft.

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Personal Alarms

Say HELLO to our Hello Beenie panic alarms. Safety is our priority for you and your pup now the dark nights have returned get yourself prepared!

These alarms come with a siren of 130DB (Equivalent of an ambulance siren) and there's a torch to help you on your way.

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Human Apparel

Organic & Vegan Clothing

Say HELLO to our organic and vegan clothing range that is approve by PETA. All our range is 100% organic cotton

We aim to be expanding our range in the future but our vest tops are an absolute must have for people who want to spread positivity through their days!

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Hello Beenie Paw Clothing

Say HELLO to the Hello Beenie paw logo that is now available on our clothing range of T-Shirts and Sweatshirts

This unique design provides clothing that is understated but is so adorably cute and perfect for unisex options.

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Calling all Dog Mums and Dads

Say HELLO to our range of tops for all the dog mums and dads out there. The perfect gift for parents or just for everyday wear.

Sow how proud you are to be a dog parent with our T-Shirts and Sweatshirts in the ranges of printed 'Dog Moma', Embroided Dog Mama & Dog Dad.

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Given 5 Stars 🌟 The 'Oh My Polka Dot' Dog Set was exactly as Described & fitted perfectly on my Cockapoo.
1st Class Service, beautifully packaged & Super Fast Delivery. Thankyou 💙🤍🐾

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Such a gorgeous owner and stunning company! Highly
recommend! Service is first class and they will bend backwards to help
you out! Highly recommend !

5/5 Stars

Trust Pilot

The quality of the items I received were incredible. Really quick
delivery and fantastic correspondence. Would recommend to everyone.
Thank you.

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