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Bugalugs - Dental Care Spray

Bugalugs - Dental Care Spray

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Elevate your dog’s oral hygiene with Bugalugs Dental Care Spray. A delightful spearmint-infused solution designed to effortlessly freshen breath and promote clean teeth without the need for brushing.

Revitalise with Freshness: Bugalugs Dental Spray swiftly freshens your dog’s breath. No more struggles with toothbrushes—oral care made simple and enjoyable.

Combat Plaque & Tartar Naturally: Our exclusive formula, featuring zinc chloride, sodium bicarbonate, and green tea, works synergistically to naturally combat plaque and tartar build-up, ensuring your dog’s optimal oral hygiene.

Human-Tested, Animal-Approved Assurance:Rest easy knowing that Bugalugs Spray undergoes rigorous testing by humans, not on animals. Our commitment to safety and efficacy guarantees a product you can rely on.

Vegan & pH Balanced: Make conscious choices for your pet. Bugalugs Spray is vegan and pH balanced, providing a gentle yet effective solution for your dog’s needs.

UK Made: Embrace the purity of Bugalugs Dental Care Spray, sourced from the pristine Lake District.

Make Bugalugs a Daily Ritual: Integrate Bugalugs into your routine for optimal results. Explore our informative blog posts on dog dental care here


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