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Poo Bag - Wimbledog

Poo Bag - Wimbledog

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Say Hello to our Wimbledog Poo Bag

Our bespoke designed tennis poo bag holder for all those dogs that are made about balls or those pawrents who love tennis.

Perfect to celebrate Wimbeldon this year for the 50th anniversary of centre court. We are sure you and your pup will look ACE with this design.

  • Original Bloomin Beautiful  pattern
    • Easily fits one roll of standard poo bags
    • Neoprene material
    • Small zipper to ensure items inside are secure
    • Rubber Hello Beenie bag dispenser label
    • Contains one roll of standard poo bags
    • Can also be used for keys, spare change or treats
    • Size: 8cm x 5cm x 5cm

      All you need to do is attach the ring to the lead!