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Hello Beenie

Poo-B-Gone Paw - Poo Bag Holder

Poo-B-Gone Paw - Poo Bag Holder

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No one likes walking around with a poo bag in their hand after your pup has gone to the toilet!

Introducing our amazing and uniquely designed for Hello Beenie, poo waste bag holder in the shape of the Beenie paw will hold your bag in style

Available in 4 different colours.

Think of it as your third hand, no need for holding those smelly bags!

The most stylish way to carry poop on the market...we just hope it isnt too cute.

Simply pick up the poop in a bag and feed the end of the bag through the middle of the paw!

Please make sure you put it all the way through to ensure no accidents!

Perfect dog walking accessory to keep your hands free & clean! 


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